Ethel Jagolkowski Kfir

Ethel Jagolkowski Kfir is a film director and screenwriter originally from Lima, Peru. She lived in Israel for many years and studied cinema in Tel Aviv. Ethel found great interest in the artistic genre ‘film d’auteur’ and later completed a Master’s Degree in Film Directing in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where she currently lives and creates.

Ethel’s first short film ‘El Bosque del Consuelo’ was selected for the 2020 Madrid Indie Film Festival and the 2021 Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival. The film received four nominations at each of these festivals, including Best Short Film and Best Director.

Eran Kfir

Eran Kfir is an independent film producer, originally from Israel. He is a former Helicopter Flight Engineer with nearly 1,000 flight hours.

Eran has first discovered the fascinating beauty of auteur cinema during an elective course at university. Many years later, after establishing his home in Spain, Eran decided to enter the world of cinema following his wife, Ethel.